Liana Joy Christensen


1.  Light Reaction


Any pig

meant to drink light

does so

heat matters up

or gesture fluorescent


Don’t distress at emptiness

In time the green lover comes

possessed of the right chemistry

and a kingdom of plants


exciting electrons

to a higher state


11. Dark Reaction


From grana to stroma seals the bond

the rest a gift to sink in the sea

But we be C-C free riders

fixated on inorganic chemistry

bonds and stocks

burning up the highway of life

We be true-believing

we can leave behind

the alchemy of trees


We be deep-knowing we cannot

match the beauty

such complex simplicity


We be playing with matches

in a house of wood


111. Secular Genesis


In the presence of light

Six molecules of water


Six molecules of carbon dioxide


Six molecules of oxygen


One molecule of sugar


1V. Respiration


Breathe in

Breathe out


Breathe in

Breathe out


Breathe in

Breathe out


Let this one drop of tree-sweetness





Liana Joy Christensen’s work has been published in Australia and internationally. She was Biodiversity Poet in Residence at the Flourish Festival, a joint initiative of Curtin University’s Institute for Biodiversity and Climate and the Margaret River Shire. Liana is the author of Deadly Beautiful—Vanishing Killers of the Animal Kingdom, and two poetry anthologies, Wild Familiars and Unnatural History.

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