Line Dry

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo


Wrap closure with a quick reaction

Fellowship. And not build on that steam,


But help defend pulp familiars.

While still nursing a diva to his fellow


Color and delineating shadow,

‘Let’s cut through that lawn shell—


And work from there.’

But the difference was in the numeracy program. (Photo

Souped-up, the latest mix of solid skirt with white,


Architectural turbans.)

Streetwear led the charge.

Palm fronds had been pumped up. The jokes, the layers.


Everything they were used to,

Already dispatched to the area. ‘Let’s


Strip away handcrafted textures. Become laid-back,

Remote as materials in a village of napalm scars.

Become the target,


And comfort from there.’



Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo teaches Science and Technology in Literature at the Department of Humanities of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. His other poems are online in Otoliths, Transit, hal., Softblow, and Petrichor. He blogs at

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