Judy Annear


may you

be self-luminous

I mis-read

may be you will be self-luminous

a line from an

apocalyptic poem

with a title

I play back again


−dear echo−


the implication

that we

will all radiate those


on a plundered planet

or those

heading to another


propelled by solar

burn out and

self-made disaster

he envies dead pan

the chance to see

beyond the



he observes the maybe

I wish for the self-luminous



Judy Annear is a writer and curator based in Sydney. She was initiator and one of 16 writers for Exquisite consequences 2016 (effefe.net). She has been published in Cordite 53 & 83,  Australian Poetry Journal 6, no 2 (2016), and pastsimple 14 (2018). Her writing can also be found at judyannear.com/writing.

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