in remembrance of disappearing towns

Claire Albrecht


3. camberwell


I’ve been to wendy bowman’s farm

crushing wet wildflowers

and touching the proud face

of a pregnant cow

hearing the burst of a stream

below and the soft touch of her

feet to the lucerne

inhale a fly here and there

spit into the soil

and I stand quietly on

uneven feet while wendy and

mum and dad talk about the

encroaching mines


I am a child but still

I understand the anger in

her strong forehead, in the

frantic sway of her gesturing

this is real land, this is

alive and we can touch

and taste and

produce from its breath

and its heat, from all sides

the mine comes

like a storm closing in

she will not be swept away



Claire Albrecht is a Newcastle based poet and PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. Her current work investigates multimodal forms and the connections between poetry and photography in contemporary creative practice. Claire’s poetry appears in Cordite Poetry Review, Red Room’s The Disappearing, and Overland Literary Journal.

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