i dance a spotted gum

Nicole Rain Sellers

for Michelle

bark peels loose
cursive green waves
           leap i surrender 
my human-limbed
didge-blown skin	
stretched ectoplasmic 
           i channel trunk curve
buffet a southerly
squall dip between 
twigs shake marine 
           things unknown
fly in silver shoals
chirp dolphin fusion
flute swivel gust 
           let each pulse flail 
me a storm-swayed
earth-streak singing
whip of sprung feet
           slid in gold seaweed
undulant dolphin i
breach forest surf	
crest eucalyptus
           flower plunge drift
swim skyward this
spiral grove moves

Nicole Rain Sellers lives on Awabakal land near Newcastle. Her recent poems appear in Fossilised Lightning (Girls on Key, 2021, co-authored with Rebecca Trowbridge), Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures (Litoria Press, 2021), Love: Lifespan vol. 4 (Pure Slush Books, 2021), and in journals including Plumwood Mountain, The Blue Nib, Burrow, Australian Poetry Collaboration, and TEXT. Her writing has been awarded or listed in the Robyn Mathison Poetry Prize, Alice Sinclair Prize for Poetry, Sydney Hammond Memorial Writing Competition, and Newcastle Poetry Prize.

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