hibiscus synthesis

Maria Sledmere


a stung mallow_milk bottle     (.)   moreish

contusions of gelatine forbidden directory

in spoken rinds, electric celery       artifice

flavour of noon.all th noise.cool chartreuse

@ candied massif _ relic the relish! severed

peel of original botanist orris angelica lure

the typical style apparent to fluoresce in

topiary haze of neutral spirit//cuts to fall

an ornamental cascade of scented oils, luff

and aft as round a sail the liquid flapping

light prevails~window shake~impermanent

moment of burr in juniper cochlea it is

always moisture, message, mixolydian pour

to lycra highway_dairy chord in major

longing the spring-caught DNA daffodil

play to minor, dr00p of whey & diary clef

except the mode as glistening~handpicked

in meadows of the Actual,,overripe pinelike

the fruitier seeds make sage of taste, here

foil-curled luxuries left of lemon the pungent

art of sick linalool all mellow distilled ___

pare our way out to cirrus ++ b i t t e r seville

as leftward narrative ground to fix (?) short

cut harvest saw almonds in halves / delete

cardamom paragraphs numerous to app

lies inside <happiness> papyrus insert of

the hieroglyph kiss, its spice of blue gloaming

kindled + plagal cadence w/ twist of orange

how-to save://missing our seas and sunsets.


Maria Sledmere will soon begin an AHRC-funded DFA in Anthropocene aesthetics, ecopoetics and the everyday at the University of Glasgow. She is a member of A+E Collective, Gilded Dirt’s founding editor, co-editor of SPAM zine and occasional music critic/collaborator. She blogs at http://musingsbymaria.wordpress.com and tweets @mariaxrose.

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