he doesn’t see distress

Geraldine Burrowes


he’s noticing the guide’s sparkly clips

holding back

her hair we read

as it suits and hangs


she is imagining

dismembered bodies of little penguins

caught in the street mural   everyone ignoring

civil and warring

parties tackle the bigger issues

they dismiss fifty years of research

respect for filling the dish

by winding up and moving



sandbars submerge under objects in currents

in the end we’re wandering in

and out    with muscle loss

water drop-off


electrons in multi-wavelength

energy levels like rungs on a ladder

seeing with radio eyes magnitudes of bubbles

the black hole’s cosmic jet

and still we’re misunder-

standing debt


Geraldine Burrowes’ poems have appeared recently in Rabbit, Otoliths, Cordite and Southerly. Others were published in Visible Ink, Paradise Anthology 5, and Baw Baw Writer’s Pre-Scribes. One of her poems was Highly Commended in the 2011 Geelong Writers Poetry Competition, another Commended in 2013. She is also a visual artist.

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