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Lorne with Flares

Coal Requiem


by Deborah Hart and Melissa Corbett


dingo's noctuary0010.Copyright © Judith Nangala Crispin 2019.

Lily manifests as a crow over the West MacDonnell Ranges. Lumachrome glass print, cliché verre. Double Exposure. Roadkill crow, blood, mud, resin, wax, seeds, sticks and maggots on fibre paper. 1st exposure 24 hours, 2nd exposure 12 hours in the back of a ute. moonlight and full sun.

Dingo’s Noctuary 

by Judith Nangala Crispin


Page 1 poster

In the Open – poster from Sheffield designed by Paul Wilson

In the Open: collaborative artworks around place, landscape and environment’
by Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo


Anne Elvey-Photo copyright Di Cousens 2018

Photo Gallery: Launch of hope for whole: poets speak up to Adani, Melbourne, 27 March 2018


Martin Harrison Shantipur, August 2014

Spirit Mapping for Martin Harrison: A Photo Essay by Juno Gemes


New Picture (6)

Impacts on the Kings Highway: A Photo Essay by Natasha Fijn


Styx River@JulieManning2017.All Rights Reserved.

Great Divide – Works on Paper by Julie Manning



pressed specimens by Moya Costello



Eos by John Bennett



Words and Images by Kit Kelen



Bird Members of Our Community: A Photo Essay by Rhonda Poholke


photo 1

Autumn in Étampes: Words and Images by Marissa Ker


Pink mushroom

Pink mushroom by Anne Edwards

Images from Plumwood Mountain, the mountain

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