Excerpt from PLAN B AUDIO

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa


i wonder what exactly was attached to what you took from me

except for grief

give me a lullaby to stay awake

to never leave

things alone

a place to invest

with ordinary stillness


up sash the merry whoopsy blinds















scatological outburst

of inner work

the nightly crisis


i point out the obvious

pay you to listen to me


i drink the air

everything resembles whiskey

what i’ve left behind

call my name

‘pale sorrow’

what was it I was longing for

for whom was I looking

the alarm goes off I move

what did the sky do yesterday

(where did the ominous clouds go)


kitsch operation

its delicate orbit

a blurry frontier

for wishbone outlaws

bamboo panic

peeling offspring

faithless postcard

for faceless boredom

dipthong revival

a grungy planet

tender cannibal

holds nameless grudge

serious feather

for populous trapeze

poignant membrane

vertical frisk

canary lava

and strident hope

wistful gauze

worn by wanton gallop

hysteric stairways

metaphoric cellulite

kinetic menu

echo chamber

in rows of perfect stars

the dissolution of wandering

elongated torso

please become my somewhere

tired cottage

field notes

voice in the space next to mine

MRI hurts my ear

outside the day is disappearing

trapped in the ribcage

geometric month


always climbing the mountain

which isn’t there



Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s new poetry books are <<terrain grammar>> (theenk Books, 2018) and Poems: New and Selected (Isobar, 2018).

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