Kathryn Hummel


After Louise Glück


At a certain hour today, I learned of allision.

Obsolete now, fixed to maritime law:

one ship runs upon another

resisting the blurred tread of the ocean.

Even against progression, the act is accurate;

yielding: a feint straight line.


Along this seamless form runs the current of

a somatic physics,

as though the event of interaction between two objects

finds gratifying the lock of their forces.


Whatever is produced is in excess,

a residue seen without feeling.


We could not defend a lack of movement if we tried—

such stillness, so well-timed

not even late, really quite early?

Why should we be made to remember

the instant our data dissatisfies.

The act of alliding; of impact, striking the static.

It disturbs the mercury coming to rest against our faces.

It takes energy to misalign.



Kathryn Hummel is a writer and researcher. Her diverse creative and scholarly works have been published / presented / translated / anthologised / recognised around the world. Her fifth book of poems is forthcoming with Singapore’s Math Paper Press and her sixth and seventh with London’s Prote(s)xt Books. Currently, Kathryn is the non-fiction and travel writing editor for Verity La. More info @ kathrynhummel.com

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