Eco Poetics

Sophia Rose O’Rourke



That there is a convergence

Between immersive states of consciousness in poetry

and everyday awareness of land, and weather and space

Martin read from his lecture notes.



Yourself as a kind of – cartographer

Mapping inward and outward spaces of consciousness

Tracing out the landscape

You find meaning – you make sense



That it is this form

Eco poetics – if you like

That connects the mind with outside events

Working through what we cannot process


Consider this,

A way of remembering

Things which otherwise

Remain memories living in landscape

That we think can be forgotten.




Sophia Rose O’Rourke was in Martin Harrison’s final writing class at the University of Technology Sydney, mentored by Martin to always push conventional boundaries, reinvigorate philosophical thought and pursue writing in a difficult climate. Sophia was raised in Canberra, attending the Orana Steiner School and now lives in Sydney where she works in production at the ABC and continues to write independently. Sophia has a particular interest in creative non fiction and experimental writing.

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