diamonds are forever

Connor Weightman


none inured to it

is i guess the rub

language splittles the length of the pole


(i’ll have to ask you here to collect, all of it

, your working knowledge of satellites

and electro magnet theory)


that           it           formalises

and familiarises. that the diaspora

felters over the surface area


fractions (out) like a shock absorber

and puts the arm and arms length

between, between  ,


it is, what? the way of things?

like a current model suggests you imagine

most matter is, when you get right down to it


empty space, pursed points

blowing against each other.

diamonds are forever (1971)


a lattice with fixed quantities, like

the word “immediate” has four syllables

. it would probably be impossible


to trick the whole immaculate

conception of language

to congeal in the middle


(wherein together/s we

can touch




Connor Weightman is currently based in Melbourne. His poetry has appeared in Westerly, Cordite and foam:e.

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