Jordie Albiston


call it a crash    you & your debris float

toward China    or hydrogen guides you

& bombs     it must be that chemical trash

again    your off-the-synaptic-chart-kind-

of-brain    it must be something you ate by


mistake    or the universe snapped    or bi-

axial cheapskate design    the trashy

novel the flaxen-haired heroine floats

slowly past    if only life was kinder

etc    if only he knew you


better    there will always be something you

don’t quite get    all this jetsam & flotsam

lagan derelict    vessels deemed wrecked by

maritime law    all this try to be kind

& don’t ask for more & take out the trash


in your head    let heaven collect that trash!

forget your molecules & your goodbyes

listen close    give in    hear it calling your

name    the boat will stop rocking become kind

of tamed & you & your compounds    floating


Jordie Albiston has published eight poetry collections. Two of her books have been adapted for music-theatre, both enjoying seasons at the Sydney Opera House. Jordie’s work has won many awards, including the 2010 NSW Premier’s Prize. She lives in Melbourne.

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