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Content From Issue: Volume 1 Number 2 (August 2014)

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From: Vol.01 N.02 – Making way for other kind


by Liana Joy Christensen

1.  Light Reaction


Any pig

meant to drink light

does so

heat matters up

or gesture fluorescent


Don’t distress at emptiness

In time the green lover comes

possessed of the right chemistry

and a kingdom of plants


exciting electrons

to a higher state


11. Dark Reaction


From grana to stroma seals the bond

the rest a gift to sink in the sea

But we be C-C free riders

fixated on inorganic chemistry

bonds and stocks

burning up the highway of life

We be true-believing

we can leave behind

the alchemy of trees


We be deep-knowing we cannot

match the beauty

such complex simplicity


We be playing with matches

in a house of wood


111. Secular Genesis


In the presence of light

Six molecules of water


Six molecules of carbon dioxide


Six molecules of oxygen


One molecule of sugar


1V. Respiration


Breathe in

Breathe out


Breathe in

Breathe out


Breathe in

Breathe out


Let this one drop of tree-sweetness




Published: July 2014
Liana Joy Christensen

Liana Joy Christensen’s work has been published in Australia and internationally. She was Biodiversity Poet in Residence at the Flourish Festival, a joint initiative of Curtin University’s Institute for Biodiversity and Climate and the Margaret River Shire. Liana is the author of Deadly Beautiful—Vanishing Killers of the Animal Kingdom, and two poetry anthologies, Wild Familiars and Unnatural History.

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From: Vol.01 N.02 – Making way for other kind


by Alice Allan

In the morning you notice

the spiny palm in next door’s garden

has a sickly lean.


It’s probably older than you


a thousand yellowing arms

pointing all directions.


On your white kitchen tile

by your white kitchen bench

you wonder

if roots can knit like bone


if a better use of your time

would be to climb the fence

and wedge yourself

against the trunk.


The first night

your breath condenses

under the wailing flight path.

Up and down from the Austin

sirens tell


and minor disasters.


            I’ll never finish On the Road.


Eventually, the trunk rubs away skin.

People bring

cushions, guitars

looks of concern.


You become

friends with your neighbour’s

kids, his wife starts

avoiding the back garden.

Published: July 2014
Alice Allan

is a writer and editor living in Melbourne. Her poetry has appeared in Southerly, Cordite, Rabbit, and Going Down Swinging, along with the first issue of Plumwood Mountain.

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From: Vol.01 N.02 – Making way for other kind


by Jordie Albiston

call it a crash    you & your debris float

toward China    or hydrogen guides you

& bombs     it must be that chemical trash

again    your off-the-synaptic-chart-kind-

of-brain    it must be something you ate by


mistake    or the universe snapped    or bi-

axial cheapskate design    the trashy

novel the flaxen-haired heroine floats

slowly past    if only life was kinder

etc    if only he knew you


better    there will always be something you

don’t quite get    all this jetsam & flotsam

lagan derelict    vessels deemed wrecked by

maritime law    all this try to be kind

& don’t ask for more & take out the trash


in your head    let heaven collect that trash!

forget your molecules & your goodbyes

listen close    give in    hear it calling your

name    the boat will stop rocking become kind

of tamed & you & your compounds    floating

Published: July 2014
Jordie Albiston

has published eight poetry collections. Two of her books have been adapted for music-theatre, both enjoying seasons at the Sydney Opera House. Jordie’s work has won many awards, including the 2010 NSW Premier’s Prize. She lives in Melbourne.

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From: Vol.01 N.02 – Making way for other kind

Hopkins’ Oz in spring

by Julie Maclean

Nothing is so eggy as Surf Coast spring, all scrambly wattle

yellow, daisy white, freesia cream     The odd blue spike

of iris barely rating        Banksia candles breaking here and there

an air display, a show afizz with flight

Spinebill hornets’ mission        Grevillea Bract Attack!

Blue wrens are mice on speed with tails up smart

and Look! Spitfires in the casuarina spiral lovemaking

in formation

All feather       flit        turn      split out

Silver eyes come in a rush, dash, flash            skit   scoot

But one stray kamikaze flies for the shine of the glass,

loving its reflect      Narcissus on the wing drops soft

on stone, no thud and not yet dead      Feathers fluff in fear

Heart and beak in rhythm take in air      like.. like.. … a hungry

goldfish? No. Two pincy needles? (No not that),

One eye shut but slitty, ever watchful,             (Chanticleery

or was it Pertelote)?

Shhhh! Raven glossy black all eye and stealthy radar beak

Skim-scans from high with wing-tips flicked in the Devil’s cloak,

while under weeping she oak              shaken, shivered away,

a still, small puffball    beak clamped shut, no chup-chup chirp,  no turn

Moment of hush in the wild              Spring sprung

Published: July 2014
Julie Maclean

is the author of When I saw Jimi (Indigo Dreams Publishing). ‘Kiss of the Viking’ is due for publication in August by Poetry Salzburg as part of its pamphlet seriesShortlisted for The Crashaw (Salt), Whitmore and Press Press Prizes and joint winner of the Geoff Stevens Poetry Prize (UK), her poetry and short fiction features in leading international journals and The Best Australian Poetry (UQP). Blogging at

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