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“The body made out of food”

I was reading Val Plumwood on the train yesterday: “But in the individual justice universe the individual subject’s universe is like the person-as-the-walled-moated-castle-town. It is under constant siege and desperately, obsessively seeking to keep the body—this body made out of… Read More ›

Congratulations to Jill Jones

Congratulations to Jill Jones whose The Beautiful Anxiety won The Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for poetry last week. Alice Allan reviews The Beautiful Anxiety in the current issue of Plumwood Mountain. Jill’s poem “Weed Grounds” was published in the previous… Read More ›


The next issue of Plumwood Mountain journal will be published here online in February 2015, with a selection of great poetry and reviews. In the meantime, there is a wonderful issue of Mascara Literary Review up at: and several poetry prizes to… Read More ›

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  Submissions for Plumwood Mountain Volume 2 Number 1 to appear in February 2015 are now closed, and I am looking forward to reading through the current submissions over the coming fortnight. In the meantime, checkout the reviews page. There… Read More ›

A reminder that submissions for the February 2015 issue  of Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics are open for one more week. So, be sure to send us your work by Saturday 15 November 2014. Full details… Read More ›