Jordie Albiston


from Jawbone Reserve to Fleming’s Pool    tide has

left tributes & signs    Banded Ark    Jackson’s Trough

Elongate Nut    carbonate tracks of where you were

last night    I walk my bones between shells & skulls

crunching the dead    wondering always how much

does it hurt to leave such things behind    what was he

pulled from    dear Little Globe    a loving wife with

concentric smile    an umbo median life    where was

Wing when I needed him    was she raped    Boring

Venus & if so why    once I collected saltwater holds

hobbity homes    tiny gods cut from Aiz Ghazal lime

this was at 4 am    this was before the Romans arrived

half the world at war even then    you smuggled me

into a southern coast cove    kissed me with kisses of

bubbles & foam    left your handprint right here on

my breast    I could only see death    I can only see

death as I pick my way between ocean & crust    the

beach a necropolis    Altona just ahead in the mist

rising with turrets & obelisks    I am searching for

you in churches & mosques    grinding great cities

under my feet into something like gypsum    like dust


Jordie Albiston‘s latest titles are XIII Poems (Rabbit Poet Series, 2013) and The Weekly Poem: 52 exercises in closed & open forms (Puncher & Wattmann, 2014).  She lives in Melbourne.

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