bury night

Dusk Dundler


rock as a god

yr anchor of gravity

centime drop


spine branch back

to well leant porous

trunks -peering darkest life


fluid mass

clock eye spiritus

clandestine white


it is pale

trace line inherent

holding own weight


wave crashes a funnel

cutting sleeping solitudal yoke

from land sight


races cannon sway

now purity of blinding white

longing vestal / naked birth


god does not think

in reason / time is at bay

and you are not a bird


Dusk Dundler’s poetry is previously published in Plumwood Mountain, and also in Overland and The Prague Revue. He has produced documentaries for Radio National, and been published in the Griffith Review. He was short-listed for the 2012 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

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