Dennis Garvey


That summer the ride-on was kept in the shed and the long grass

allowed to grow without water remained green above the brows

blowing in dry easterly wiles to knowing which article inspects

snakes and ladders and armies of flying droning creepy crawls

prospering neighbours tut-tutting on to vinyl hifi with refugees

their own labours going as neighbour waste eaten with luscious

long lash going up down downy up lip sewn in sync salad roasts

to whosoever moves that his neighbours must pull out all spooks


Ghosts of summers past the time for mowing long lawn cements

itself in place knowing for whosever abides to hang up artworks

must also walk the dog at night all her wiles to avoid poo coups

break wind like law must not obey boat race bobbing into bays

drinking only the best wines as you turn in accomplish buy ups

just is same as rings must pass laws craning to loosen up spools

of light finger cashing and always kowtowing into heaped sacks

burning turns leafy-green money moulds into new sub-prime tips



Dennis Garvey lives in regional Western Australia, has been published around the traps a bit, and has diverse interests including matters and topics ecological and environmental, which is why I’m happy to have found Plumwood Mountain, and it me.


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