Books Available for Review

A Coat of Ashes by Jackson

Ada Unseen by Frances Presley

After the Demolition by Zenobia Frost

apparently by joanne burns

Aril Wire by Anders Villani

Autonomy: a book about taking our selves back edited by Kathy D’Arcy (eBook)

Back to Earth by Tony Page

between wind and water (in a vulnerable place) by berni m janssen

Eardrum: Poems and Prose about Music by Martin Langford

Falling Upwards by Darby Hudson

Four chapbooks from Slow Loris: pinky swear by Claire Albrecht, Burning Between by Kait Fenwick, Bibliophilic by Trisha Pender, and Elevensies by Kerri Shying

Haggards: Poems by Elizabeth Rimmer

Heide by Π.Ο.

Lost in Case by Caren Florance

Lyre by Stuart Cooke

neverends: poems and paintings by Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker

Ngnajunguyagu by Charmaine Papertalk Green

Once She Had Escaped the Tower; Aucassin and Nicolette, and Marie de France’s Gugemer, Modern English Translations by Katharine Margot Toohey

outfalls: poems and drawings by Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker

Parallax: A Novel by Robin Morgan

Play With Knives & Play With Knives Two: Complicity by Jennifer Maiden

Play With Knives Three & Play With Knives Four by Jennifer Maiden

Play With Knives: Five: George and Clare, The Malachite and the Diamonds by Jennifer Maiden

Poor Man’s Coat: Hardanger Poems by Kit Kelen

scavenger’s season by Christopher (Kit) Kelen

Spinoza’s Overcoat by Subhash Jaireth

The Arms of Men by John Bartlett

The Espionage Act: New Poems by Jennifer Maiden

The House of Youssef by Yumna Kassab

The Returns: A Novel by Philip Salom

These Things Are Real by Alan Wearne

The short story of you and I by Richard James Allen

The Underwritten Plain by Tim Metcalf

Tilting at Time by Greg Tome

Timestamps by Sofie Westcombe

Workbook Questions: Writing of Torture, Trauma Experience by Margaret Bennett and Jennifer Maiden

Our notes for reviewers are here. If you would like to review a book, email Anne Elvey:

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