Books Available for Review

20 Poets edited by Kent MacCarter (eBook)

Autonomy: a book about taking our selves back edited by Kathy D’Arcy (eBook)

Chromatic by Paul Munden

Collected Short Fiction by Gerald Murnane

Concerning a Farm by Robert Wood

Fingertip of the Tongue by Sarah Rice

How To Bake A Planet by Pete Mullineaux

Intatto. Intact: Ecopoesia. Ecopoetry by Massimo D’Arcangelo, Anne Elvey, Helen Moore. Edited and translated from English by Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi; translated from Italian by Todd Portnowitz. Foreword by Serenella Iovino.

João by John Mateer

Play With Knives & Play With Knives Two: Complicity by Jennifer Maiden

River’s Edge by Owen Bullock

Saudade by Suneeta Peres da Costa

Selected Poems 1967–2018 by Jennifer Maiden

Taking My Breath: Ecopoems by Cassandra J. O’Loughlin

The Alarming Conservatory by Corey Wakeling

The Criminal Re-Register by Ross Gibson

The Flaw in the Pattern by Rachael Mead

The Sky Runs Right Through Us by Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

These Things Are Real by Alan Wearne

The Weight of Light by Kristen Lang

Wildlife of Berlin by Philip Neilsen


Our notes for reviewers are here. If you would like to review a book, email Anne Elvey:

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