Books Available for Review

101 Quads by Chris Mansell

A Coat of Ashes by Jackson

A Happening in Hades by S. K. Kelen

Ada Unseen by Frances Presley

After the Demolition by Zenobia Frost

apparently by joanne burns

Aril Wire by Anders Villani

Autonomy: a book about taking our selves back edited by Kathy D’Arcy (eBook)

Back to Earth by Tony Page

Baffling Gravity by Andrew Sant

Collected Short Fiction by Gerald Murnane

element: The Atomic Weight & Radius of Love by Jordie Albiston

Falling Upwards by Darby Hudson

Family Trees by Michael Farrell

Four chapbooks from Slow Loris: pinky swear by Claire Albrecht, Burning Between by Kait Fenwick, Bibliophilic by Trisha Pender, and Elevensies by Kerri Shying

God is Waiting in the World’s Yard by MTC Cronin

Haggards: Poems by Elizabeth Rimmer

Lost in Case by Caren Florance

Lyre by Stuart Cooke

Nancy by Bruno Lloret

Napoleon’s Beekeeper by José Luis de Juan translated by Elizabeth Bryer

Navigable Ink by Jennifer Mackenzie

Nganajungu yagu by Charmaine Papertalk Green

Numb & Number by David Musgrave

Once She Had Escaped the Tower; Aucassin and Nicolette, and Marie de France’s Gugemer, Modern English Translations by Katharine Margot Toohey

Parallax: A Novel by Robin Morgan

Play With Knives & Play With Knives Two: Complicity, Play With Knives Three & Play With Knives Four, Play With Knives: Five: George and Clare, The Malachite and the Diamonds by Jennifer Maiden

Poems Far and Wide and A Break in the Weather by John Jenkins

Poor Man’s Coat: Hardanger Poems  and scavenger’s season by Kit Kelen

Shorter Lives by John A Scott

Signora Bella’s Grand Tour by Lesley Synge

Spinoza’s Overcoat by Subhash Jaireth

The Arms of Men by John Bartlett

The Espionage Act: New Poems by Jennifer Maiden

The Foliage in the Underworld by Michael Sharkey

The Mirror Hunters by Ross Gillett

The Returns: A Novel by Philip Salom

These Things Are Real by Alan Wearne

The short story of you and I by Richard James Allen

The Underwritten Plain by Tim Metcalf

things we know without naming by Cathy Altmann

Thorn by Todd Turner

Tilting at Time by Greg Tome

Timestamps by Sofie Westcombe

Towards the End by Ali Alizadeh

Under This Saffron Sun by Robyn Rowland


Our notes for reviewers are here. If you would like to review a book, email Anne Elvey:

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