Books Available for Review

Aril Wire by Anders Villani

Autonomy: a book about taking our selves back edited by Kathy D’Arcy (eBook)

Back to Earth by Tony Page

Belief by Les Wicks

between wind and water  (in a vulnerable place) by berni m janssen

brookings: the noun: new poems by Jennifer Maiden

Chromatic by Paul Munden

click here for what we do by Pam Brown

Collected Short Fiction by Gerald Murnane

Crow College: New and Selected Poems by Emma Lew

Cry of the Curlew by Allis Hamilton

Echoland by Helen Lambert

Fingertip of the Tongue by Sarah Rice

Glass by Rose Hunter

Green Shadows and Other Poems by Gerald Murnane

High Wire Step by Magdalena Ball

How To Bake A Planet by Pete Mullineaux

Intatto. Intact: Ecopoesia. Ecopoetry by Massimo D’Arcangelo, Anne Elvey, Helen Moore. Edited and translated from English by Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi; translated from Italian by Todd Portnowitz. Foreword by Serenella Iovino.

João by John Mateer

Legacy by Julie Watts

Libation by Earl Livings

listening to the night by Jane Routh

Luxembourg by Stephen Oliver

Neat Snakes by Martin Langford

Night Fishing by Anna Ryan-Punch

Open Door by John Kinsella

Play With Knives & Play With Knives Two: Complicity by Jennifer Maiden

Play With Knives Three & Play With Knives Four by Jennifer Maiden

Play With Knives: Five: George and Clare, The Malachite and the Diamonds by Jennifer Maiden

Poems: New & Selected by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Poor Man’s Coat: Hardanger Poems by Kit Kelen

Scanning the Horizon by Mark Miller

scavenger’s season by Christopher (Kit) Kelen

Selected Poems 1967–2018 by Jennifer Maiden

Sun Music: New and Selected Poems by Judith Beveridge

Swamp: Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain. Poems by Nandi Chinna

the days pass without name: Poems and photos by Di Cousens

The Intimacy of Strangers edited by Philip Porter and Andy Kissane

the loneliness of the sasquatch by Amanda Bell from the Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock

The Sky Runs Right Through Us by Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

The Underwritten Plain by Tim Metcalf

The World Was Whole by Fiona Wright

things we know without naming by Cathy Altmann

Walk Back Over by Jeanine Leane

Yuiquimbiang by Louise Crisp

Our notes for reviewers are here. If you would like to review a book, email Anne Elvey:

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