Books Available for Review

All My Goodbyes by Mariana Dimópulos

A Personal History of Vision by Luke Fischer

A Perfect Distortion/ Een perfecte vervorming by Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper, translated by Joris Lenstra (English and Dutch)

A Salivating Monstrous Plant by Tanya Thaweeskulchai

Aurelia by John Hawke

concrete flamingos by Mark Roberts

False Nostalgia by Aden Rolfe

Fire Work by Aileen Kelly

Footsteps by Greg Rochlin

Getting By Not Fitting In by Les Wicks

Have Been and Are by Brook Emery

Homing by Shevaun Cooley

Koel by Jen Crawford

Lake by Claire Nassar

Land Mass by R D Wood

Lucid Nature: Poems from a year in Wild Dog Valley by Sean O’Carroll

Lunar Inheritance by Lachlan Brown

No More Boats by Felicity Castagna

O sonata: Rilke Renditions by Chris Edwards (German and English)

phosphene by Tamryn Bennett

Reading for a Quiet Morning by Petra White

SkinNotes by Kristen Lang

Summoning the Whirlwind by Joan Katherine Webster

The Only White Landscape by Derek Motion

These Things Are Real by Alan Wearne

The Tipping Point by Linda Stevenson

Watching from the Shadows by Greg Tome

Our notes for reviewers are here. If you would like to review a book, email Anne Elvey:

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