Books Available for Review

Obligations of Voice by Anne Elvey, 2021 (Recent Work Press)

Inland Sea by Brenda Saunders, 2021 (Ginninderra Press)

The Density of Compact Bone by Magdalena Ball, 2021 (Ginninderra Press)

Bees Do Bother by Ann Vickery, 2021 (Vagabond Press)

Supervivid Depastoralism by John Kinsella, 2021 (Vagabond Press)

Theory of Colours by Bella Li, 2021 (Vagabond Press)

accelerations & inertias by Dan Disney, 2021 (Vagabond Press)

Selected Poems by Shinkawa Kazue, 2021 (Vagabond Press)

The Walnut Tree by Tim Slade, 2021 (Bright South)

Animal Dreams by David Brooks, 2021 (Sydney University Press)

Slow Walk Home by Young Dawkins, 2021 (Red Squirrel Press)

Light and Counterlight by Mark Miller, 2020 (Ginninderra Press) available in print or eBook formats

Chronicity by Dr Michael Leech, 2020 (Melbourne Poets Union)

Modern Ecopoetry: Reading the Palimpsest of the More-Than-Human World, Volume Editors: Leonor María Martínez Serrano and Cristina María Gámez Fernández, 2021 (Brill) available in print or eBook formats

Whirlwind Duststorm by John Hawke, 2021 (Grand Parade Poets)

Pushing Back by John Kinsella, 2021 (Transit Lounge Publishing)

Earth Dwellers. New Poems by Kristen Lang, 2021 (Giramondo Poets)

Blue Balloon by Grant Caldwell, 2021 (Collective Effort Press)

Biological Necessity: New Poems by Jennifer Maiden, 2021 (Quemar Press)

The Owl Inside by Ivy Ireland, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

Gas Deities by Ed Wright, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

Know Your Country by Kerri Shying, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

Plague Animals by Rebecca Edwards, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

Four Oceans by Toby Davidson, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

The Hallelujah Shadow (essays) by Andrew Sant, 2020 (Puncher & Wattmann)

Grace Perry: Australian Poet, Publisher and Paediatrician by Dot Jensen, 2020 (Boraga Academic)

Chasing Marie Antoinette All Over Paris by Adrienne Eberhard, 2020 (Black Pepper)

The Strangest Place by Stephen Edgar, 2020 (Black Pepper) 


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Notes for publishersIf you would like to advise Plumwood Mountain journal of a book available for review, please note the following:

  1. Please advise us of new titles available for review at our email address
  2. Available titles will be added to our webpage for prospective reviewers
  3. Once a reviewer has been secured, we can contact you to provide their direct postal address.
  4. The book can then be posted by you, directly to the reviewer.
  5. Alternatively, please advise if the work is available in an eBook format.

Sophie Finlay Editorial Administration Team/Reviews Editor

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  1. Hi. I left a review for Tilting At Time by G Tome. Did you get it? I think the site was down?

    • Dear Bruce,
      Thanks for your message. We don’t take book reviews through the website. Our usual practice is to have email communication with reviewers before a review is undertaken, not to take unsolicited reviews. I don’t recall such a conversation with you. The book in question is now with another reviewer. Perhaps you can post your comment again when that review is published later in the year.
      Kind regards,

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