Bird. The Meta Is A Perching Bird

Michael Farrell


Know. Reflection and observation is criticism you know. The


Joy. With its shuffling and repetitive joy. We overhear, we

Conversation. Make a construction on the wren’s conversation

Whistling is

Poetics. A kind of poetics. The wren rhymes, gives rhetoric

Flight. Gentle flight. Gesture. Listening is a self-protective


Survival. Interpretation a matter of survival. One person’s

home is

Metaphor. Another’s metaphor. The butcher-bird is a rhyming-


that steals another’s expressions and metre: and from them


Blood. A little extra blood. Form is also home, but

Yours. Not yours. The kestrel favours first person, and the

Psalm. Future tense: telling its story in a melodramatic psalm

The swamp pheasant writes in rhetorical colour, makes a


Contrived. And a reading that may not have been contrived

Guard. Thornbills making leaf sounds catch hawks off-guard


black-shouldered kite can burn through paper with a look


Michael Farrell is from Bombala on the Monaro in NSW. He has completed a PhD in Australian literature at Melbourne University. Recent publications include open sesame (Giramondo) and Long Dull Poem (Stale). He lives in Fitzroy.

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