Judith Rodriguez


window of light

whether you close justly

or not

you are the way out of just-me

and the way in


my verandah shelves light

my trees hive light

what can I say?

me too, me too


Company at Cleeve Hill

the hills our elders

green     green

trees     worlds of life     our eldest friends

thronging the fields     hefters of sky


and the Rising Sun

its lit windows


waiting with garlands

at this or that ageless rock

this or that holy site

this or that shrine –

but unadorned

she comes to my disordered room

to my shadowed room

to my silence





Judith Rodriguez‘s publications include New and Selected Poems (1988, 1992) and The Hanging of Minnie Thwaites (2012), a long ballad with researched account and lyrics. A new book is scheduled. Judith collaborated with Robyn Archer on a musical play Poor Johanna, and with Moya Henderson on the opera Lindy.

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