Articles and Essays

Boyle, Peter. Some Reflections on the Poetry of Martin Harrison (September 2015)

Brown, Amy Catherine. Environmental Empathy in the Contemporary Epic: Exploring Ephemeral Waters andPhosphorescence of Thought (August 2014)

Emery, Brook. “Adapted for land—a lungfish writes the sea” (February 2016)

Fagan, Kate. “In a Sense”: Sonic Phenomena, Temporal Scale and Ecological Encounter in Martin Harrison’s “White-Tailed Deer” (September 2015)

Gleeson, Ben. “Cultivating Ecological Perception: Creativity within Undergraduate Explorations of Human Ecology and Ecological Agriculture” (February 2016)

Johnston, Devin. To be continued (September 2015)

Lucas, Rose. “Into black air”: Darkness and its Possibilities in the Poetry of Jane Kenyon (February 2014)

Lyle, Brenton. The Sense of Writing; or Martin Harrison’s Breakfast (September 2015)

Muecke, Stephen (compiler and transcriber). A Martin Harrison ABC (September 2015)

Sellheim, Berndt. Nature and Antiquity in the Work of Martin Harrison (September 2015)

Shannon, Lorraine. Continuing the Conversation (September 2015)

Stevens, Lara. Seeing the Forest for the White Beech Tree: Germaine Greer and Ecofeminism (February 2015)

Wattison, Meredith. This Furred Place – the Woolfs’ anthropomorphism, bunnies in people suits and the zoomorphic other –  (February 2015)

Wood, R. D. “On Suburbanism’s Open Matrix: birds in poetry of Jean Kent, Dorothy Porter and other Australian poetry” (February 2016)

Wood, R. D. Who wants to create, Australia? (September 2015)

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