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Arch the Apartnesses / \ Proffering Trees, 3 (Pollard)

by Anne Elvey

Peter Larkin  

Slit under aptness a turn through portal      inverse arches of the pollard bowl whose V  coppices out of cup or a trenchant stump invariant to radiant      cut multiple uni-verses at the bolling’s occupied blain


a remnant of set-before hollowing but clothing the slash through a neat scarcity at its inexhaustible      in no lassitude of renewable arbouring but according a complicity of single-notched intermoulding


every arch pre-dominantly pluralizes the shadow integration between pillars      dia-verting sacrosanct codification of chosen hump to vertical community at the rehealed over-reach


tumbling of what trees
have most in stock
across a craning of their
cut towards


Inverse arch of the pollard tusk’s branch cup      spidering across the cure towards least fallible curve of outlet      or the hollow fork which tries for cup but whose only whole tallness is re-enclosure at this maimed selection fist


though jaunty access will spring to a finesse of passing beneath the disappearances of strap into arch      from the severable to the tip-evidence of severalling these unpurged margins—however cleanly turnable in cup that scours round these departures


leaning companions foaming a contrast of rest      all it doesn’t forearm at its elbow of retention, though let presage be diverted here until forming a net of it as sheer linear threading of loft


coppice howl that cups
its alarm, surpassed bulge
still shafted on an
ample pump of holding


Two perfect vaultings wronging the way up of a lime pollard      can rotate laterally as each limb gets trans-paired from arch-frame to arch-frame or leaps diagonally across the regular indentations of its random symmetry      structurally precise cause-wires crossing as they will


perhaps the arch layer begins at the defeat slippage of an underling branch leaning out prematurely      can’t yet be proffered of lapse reaching a caplike unbisected


near-vertical arch-play is not the cure of its pollard wound but a trans-thinning with scarcely diverted twins of the exception      cresting is coupled on poor lean by the vertical subsidy itself


the cut becomes its apartness share-out minus frozen precisions of shedding, a meta-gathering among the poking beaks of cup


the bolling doesn’t pine
for its candelabra but pruned
to elaborate cull
re-quickens the wick of it

explore within-tree
lance (launches) compression
recapped at a hub
of coppice effort


Post-fracture zones to expand at the pulse of pollard carping for countenance      whose slenderness is primed out of hulk at the resorting knop of inverted apex      knack of an intransient index      let the retrieval be on call, along whichever wound it solidifies the intersect


Peter Larkin’s three collections of poetry are Terrain Seed Scarcity, (2001), Leaves of Field (2006) and Lessways Least Scarce Among (2012).  Give Forest Its Next Portent is due in 2014. He has contributed to The Ground Aslant: An Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry (2011).

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