A Toast to a Saint: Beau Present for Martin Harrison

Dave Drayton


Him a transom in arts, an amorist

astir atoms harmonise in his norma

his stria, his stroma, an iota

not a mot man, a mora man in a rima naos

this shoat’s shoran

smartsmith artist


a maison, a manor, a rath, a stoa

a host

a hit

this sim, riant mirror

mirror minor mirth in mas minora, rah!

a martin’s horn matins, a mort to soar in stoma

in a mo at most, a month, months, a moa

as rotas rin

soon roan, soon mor, soon mori, soon mortis

too soon, this morn

too soon shorn short

short shorn noir storm mist ran rain to rias

strains rin riot

norma to soma, somas or somata

rosin to rot to sori

rats to stairs to stars

I’m rash, I rant, I moan this ransom

Martin aroints north at tharm

oaths stir orts not to omit

ratio stains rations

main man is hoar

main man is aorist

this man hants a satin satori

no sham, no shit

no tarnish nor thorns

no hot air

no moins his monist moira raison

a nim, a noh, to hoist his hint

soit or not I miss him

Sri Sir, sit

A toast to a saint:

on air, in arms

Martin roams


Dave Drayton is the author of Poetic Pentagons  (Spacecraft Press), Threnodials (Prism) and other works. He was a PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney where he was taught by Martin Harrison, founding member of the Atterton Academy, sauna enthusiast, and 2014 recipient of the Blake Prize for Poetry.

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