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At this moment on the cusp of handing over to incoming managing editor, Amanda Lucas-Frith, Sophie Finlay and their team, this week, I want to thank all the poets, reviewers, essayists, artists, and publishers who trusted the journal with their work and books over the past 7 years.

My thanks, too, to Plumwood Inc, where the journal first took root, and the Plumwood Mountain editorial board for their insight into ecopoetry and ecopoetics, their advice and their support. Special thanks to our guest editors: Bonny Cassidy, Stuart Cooke, Tricia Dearborn, Michael Farrell, Jill Jones, Peter Minter, John Charles Ryan, Jonathan Skinner, and Harriet Tarlo. It was a delight to work with  each of them.

Two highlights for me were spending time in the early days of the journal with Martin Harrison especially a generous long brunch where we discussed ecopoetics, and the poets speak up to Adani action. I am grateful to all the poets who supported the campaign.

There are others in the poetry and activist communities who have leant their support over the years and offered solidarity and friendship. You made such a difference.

And to Copyright Agency Cultural Fund and a number of donors, thank you for your generous assistance enabling the journal to pay contributors from August 2018 onwards.

I wish I could thank you all personally and hope that you will feel yourselves much appreciated for all you have given the journal since its beginning in late 2013.

Please support Amanda, Sophie and the incoming team. Keep a look out for notice from them of an international online event in a few weeks time to mark the recent publication of the ‘Writing in the Pause’ issue and the passing on of the baton.

In solidarity in this moment of planetary unfolding, the trauma and the possibility, with hope and love for what poetry at its best can open up, with heart and ear to the particular, the local, the more-than-human history of place in this challenging time.



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  1. Thank you for all your time, effort, empathy and love madam. Inspiration is all yours!

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