Writing in the Pause is live

from Global Worming by Julie Patton

In past weeks as countries across the world negotiate the COVID-19 pandemic in a multitude of ways, the ‘pause’ many of us inhabit has also allowed for further destruction, and of note just in October 2020 in the UK and Australia has been the felling of significant trees (such as the Djab Wurrung Directions Tree) for major infrastructure projects; in the UK it is the HS2 pushing through woodlands. This is just part of the capitalist, colonialist un-pause that accompanies the pause.

In this moment, on All Hallows’ Eve, Writing in the Pause, guest edited by Jonathan Skinner is live. Many thanks to Jonathan for his dedicated, insightful, thoughtful work on this issue of Plumwood Mountain journal. Read his introduction here. You can access the full contents here. Enjoy the aural and visual explorations.

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