ANIMALS: Interdependence Between Species – Announcing the Australian Poetry & NAHR Eco-Poetry Fellowship 2020

Set in northern Italy and situated in the heart of the Orobie Alps, the NAHprogram offers a lively space to think and create, collaborate and interact. Residents take full advantage of the surrounding natural landscapes as well as Italy’s rich material culture, which combines vernacular traditions with innovative approaches to space and place, people and their communities.


In partnership with the Nature, Art & Habitat Residency (NAHR), Australian Poetry is once again pleased to announce the call-out for this exciting fellowship. Available to Australian Poetry subscribers, the Australian PoetryNAHR Eco-Poetry Fellowship is conferred on a single Australian poet able to take up residency in the village of Sottochiesa, Taleggio Valley, northern Italy, between 30 May-30 June 2020. The selected poet will be one of seven Fellows participating in the 2020 June NAHresidency program; more information can be found here, and applicants are strongly encouraged to read it closely before making their applications. Recipients of the AP/ NAHEco-Poetry Fellowship have residency fees waived; however, it remains the responsibility of the winner to make their own way to and from Taleggio, as well as covering the costs of food during the residency. Please note that a requirement is that the work written during the residency must be deposited into NAHR’s archives, as will be done by all other 2020 Fellows. This year, the Fellowship also partners with Plumwood Mountain Journal (ed. Anne Elvey), so the Fellow will have the opportunity to have poems selected for publication from the residency by both Plumwood Mountain and Australian Poetry publications.

For further information visit the announcement on the Australian Poetry website.

The theme this year is ANIMALS: Interdependence between Species



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