In solidarity with UWAP

As managing editor of Plumwood Mountain journal, I would like to add my support to the campaign to ask University of Western Australia to continue to support UWAP. The petition on has close to 6500 signatures and they are aiming for 7500 and more. International as well as local support is very welcome.

Australian Poetry has made a statement in support of UWAP; you can find it on their Facebook page.

Here at Plumwood Mountain journal, we are proud to have published reviews of many UWAP titles, including books by Michael Aiken, Annamaria Weldon, Philip Neilsen, Paul Hetherington, Carolyn Abbs, Rachael Mead, David Adès, Phillip Hall, Tony Hughes-d-Aeth, Susan Fealy, Amanda Joy, Rose Lucas, Anna Wickham, Martin Harrison, Paddy Roe, Lisa Jacobson, Steve Armstrong, David Ritter. Just a few of the authors published in recent years by UWAP. Let’s keep support for this fine Australian publisher going.

On another note, currently, we have three UWAP titles awaiting review, so please get in touch if you would like to review one.

Dr Anne Elvey

Managing Editor


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