Extinction Elegies at Red Room Poetry

This month saw a great turn out for the climate strike on 20 September and Greta Thurnberg spoke to the UN about her generations’ future and the present and future of many others creatures facing extinction, or already extinct. How Dare You? she spoke to power. Earlier in the month Red Room Poetry launched their wonderful Extinction Elegies project with poets Ali Cobby Eckermann, Bruce Pascoe, Stuart Cooke, Mark Tredinnick, Michelle Cahill and John Kinsella. They are also inviting you to write poems. As they write: In awareness of Australia’s 300+ threatened animals and plants, we invite you to write a poem about an endangered Australian animal or plant. For every poem we receive, we’ll give $1 to Rewilding Australia to help save our quolls, devils and dingoes. Send your poem to extinction@redroomcompany.org  Further details on the Red Room Poetry website


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