Intersecting Energies is live

2016-03-15 09.40.48Plumwood Mountain Volume 6 Number 2 (August 2019) is now live on the theme, ‘Intersecting Energies: Location, Gender, Climate’, with new work from Emily Munro-Harrison, Ryan Prehn, Monica Jasmine Karo, Magan Magan, Lian Low, Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo, Anne Casey, Nick Chłopicki, Emilie Collyer, Madeleine Dale, Gavin Yuan Gao, Angela Gardner, Heather Taylor Johnson, Jill Jones, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Michaela Keeble, Alana Kelsall, Shari Kocher, Rose Lucas, Jennifer Mackenzie, Rachael Mead, Luke Patterson, Craig Santos Perez, Frances Presley, Hessom Razavi, Brenda Saunders, Patricia Sykes, Catherine Trundle, Dženana Vucic, and Susan Wardell, a photo essay from Climate Guardians, reports and reviews. It was a privilege to edit this issue. Many thanks to our donors and to Copyright Agency Cultural Fund for their support. 

Anne Elvey, 31 July 2019


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