The 2019 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize is now open

The Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize in on again, and this year Holmgren Design is partnering with Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry.  Judges are Claire G Coleman and Kevin Brophy. The prize for a poem up to 80 lines is open until 11.59 pm EST, Monday July 22, 2019.  Please go to the Holmgren Design website for full details on how to enter.

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  1. Hi Folks,
    I’ve just discovered you and the prize. Will you be holding it in 2020, and if so, when does it open?
    Yours impatiently, Frances

    • Hi Frances, You would need to check the prize website. Plumwood Mountain helps get the news out about the prize but does not administer the prize itself. Kind regards,

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