“The body made out of food”

Bronzy and croc

Bronzy and croc

I was reading Val Plumwood on the train yesterday: “But in the individual justice universe the individual subject’s universe is like the person-as-the-walled-moated-castle-town. It is under constant siege and desperately, obsessively seeking to keep the body—this body made out of food—away from others and retain it for ourselves alone. Of course we know the walled-moated castle will fall in the end but we try to hold off the siege as long as possible while seeking always more and better siege-resisting technology that will enable us to remain self-enclosed.” Not only did I wish Val was still around so I could discuss the unfinished chapter with her, but I was reminded of John Leonard’s poem “Mosquito” in the current issue of Plumwood Mountain journal.

Excerpt from: Val Plumwood, The Eye of the Crocodile, edited by Lorraine Shannon. Canberra: ANU E Press, 2012.

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