Submissions are now open

magpieSubmissions are now open for Plumwood Mountain vol 2 no 1 to appear in February 2015. Both general submissions and submissions on the theme “Otherkind” are being considered.

Alphonso Lingis writes: “Today we have become aware once again that we share this planet with innumerable other living things, whose voices summon our attention and must also direct our magpielives.” (“The Voices of Things”, Senses and Society 4, no. 3 (2009): 280).

Are these others stunned by/in the Anthropocene as we are, as Deborah Bird Rose proposes? Are others saying their goodbyes to us, as Martin Harrison suggests? (Martin Harrison and Deborah Bird Rose, “Postscript”, Text  20,

How might human saying be shaped by the summons of the multiple voices of otherkind?

Submissions close Saturday 15 November 2014.

See the submissions page for further details.

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