Plumwood Mountain volume 1 number 2 (August 2014) is now online

The August 2014 issue of Plumwood Mountain is now online, with twenty-four new poems by Jordie Albiston, Alice Allan, Geraldine Burrowes, Anne M. Carson, Liana Joy Christensen, B. R. Dionysius, Dan Disney, Jeff Guess, Brian Hawkins, Matt Hetherington, Siobhan Hodge, Matt Howard, Jill Jones, Shari Kocher, Julie Maclean, Annerliegh Grace McCall, Stephen Oliver, Joyce Parkes, Jan Price, Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Adrian Southin, Ann Vickery, an article on environmental empathy by Amy Brown, words and images from Kit Kelen, a photo essay by Natasha Fijn, and new book reviews:

Megan Blake reviews Paths of Flight by Luke Fischer

Pam Brown reviews Flux and Wild Black Lake by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Robyn Cadwallader reviews XIII Poems by Jordie Albiston

Robbie Coburn reviews Bluewren Cantos by Mark Tredinnick

Stephen Harris reviews Southerly–The Political Imagination edited by Ann Vickery and Ali Alizadeh

Rosalind McFarlane reviews Ephemeral Waters by Kate Middleton

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